Blizzardin’ and Brawlin’, Lovin’ and Hatin’

August 5, 2008

Not everybody has a place to go on the intertubes. The online gaming community is pretty much High School all over again with your ‘niches’ of gamers. There’s Shooters, your RTS’ers, haters, posers, etcetera. I was lucky enough to find the gaming community perfect for me almost 6 years ago.

I found a place called Battleforums. When I first began it was a big forum with tons of members, but fairly narrow view of gamins- they mostly covered Blizzard games which was ultimately what I played. Now they’re covering even more games, however after 6 the memberbase has started to dwindle (with the ownership changing many times)

With a new owner BF is beginning to recharge itself by broadening the topics it covers (Console games, comics, general chit-chat) There’s a lot of contests that will/are going on. For instance at the moment a contest ( to win a PS3, 360, and other great prizes is going on.

Besides great contests Battleforums is a great, fun, and pretty lax community. The rules aren’t strict and there’s always someone to play a game with. Besides gaming it covers general topics- my personal favorite section being The Asylum which I (pretty much) run. It’s a rule-less forum with tons of bizarre and wild things going on inside.

I say all this for those of you that are looking for a great community. This is definitely a place to keep your eyes on. It’s got so much potential and room to grow to achieve it’s former glory with the right people.

So, hopefully this blog and/or the forum itself will catch your eye and bring you to register and join our great community. If you do join as soon as possible. Register an account (Put your referer as Jenny, that’s me 😛 ) and make yourself known in the Introduction forums (Where you’re from, where you heard about BF which was hopefully here, and what your hobbies and gaming preferences are!)

Thanks for reading and I hope that (if you check the forum out) you enjoy the forums as much as I have!


Hello world!

August 5, 2008

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